torsdag, april 16, 2009

Swede Lost In Space

Found this little synth/italo oddity in a thrift store today . Information is scarce but it seems to be a local (Malmo, Sweden) production and if i was to believe the picture on Discogs this is limited to 500. The lucky previous owner Kicki got a signed one too. The tune grows on you, try it!


Blogger Sammi said...

Crude but charming. I like it!

17 april 2009 00:14  
Blogger anders.ekstrom said...

Wow! To see this after half a lifetime is awesome!
I can tell you that the single was pressed in 500 copies and sold on commision i stores in and around Malmö, Sweden.

"Lost In Space" was played in the famous radioshow "Rakt över disc" where Claes af Geijerstam talked rapidly through half of it.

That's about how far it went. (until now apparently)
This was the only time the name "Andy Z Okey" was used.

If you want to hear some of my more recent creations you can go to:
"Damokles" is the pseudonym I use for electronic music today.

I have actually been concidering making an updated version of "Lost In Space".

Anders Ekström - AKA Damokles (

10 december 2009 12:25  

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