fredag, oktober 10, 2008

Scot Scheer - Ocean Air

Never mind that summer is gone, theres allways the need for some balearic comfort.

Scot Scheer - Ocean Air

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tisdag, oktober 07, 2008


Marga - In The Night


Allez Allez

Sea Level - Had To Fall

Gary Toms Empire - Do Your Thing

måndag, oktober 06, 2008

First Rip

I finally got my thumb out of my ass and went down to Clas O' to buy an RCA so i can start ripping my vinyl. This first track i'm posting is from Jae Masons 75' album "Tender Man" on Buddah. It's a great album with some mellow tracks and a few dancers. A bit pricey normally but i found it in a thrift store for a dollar. Enjoy!

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fredag, oktober 03, 2008

Heeeeres Johnny!....again


Bus Ride To Johnson Products (!)


onsdag, oktober 01, 2008

Time time time

Ohoy! at the moment school is stealing all my time and Ambulansen looking at me with puppy eyes so this weekend i really have to take some time out and post some recent finds. All i can muster at the time is a youtube clip, thanks Arp.
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