söndag, april 26, 2009

Jennifer's Friend

I really have to find myself a better copy of this record, mine has been worn out, spilled on etc. Anyone seen the movie? The soundtrack has several tracks by Goblin. My favourite is Jennifer's Friend which Force Of Nature used for Transmute. Have a nice sunday all.


Anonymous Sergio said...

Du kan köpa en väldigt mint kopia av den på Repeat Records, om den finns kvar och du är beredd att tömma plånboken rejält.
Najs spelat på Hawkings igår förresten!

18 juni 2009 15:03  
Blogger Jimmy said...

tackar för tipset!får kanske duga med mitt repiga ex så länge då=)

3 juli 2009 03:17  
Anonymous Anonym said...

isnt this the source to eric duncans latest release on whatverwewant?


1 augusti 2009 15:38  
Blogger Jimmy said...

hi Giulio. do you mean "the phone" from Dr Dunks? i don´t think so but i could be wrong. sounds a bit similar in the beginning though, and i've only heard a sample of the song.

5 augusti 2009 19:41  

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