fredag, november 28, 2008


Finally friday! Time to pour some hot booze down our throahts and get into the party vibe!

KC - Nothing Sadder Than A Heartache

onsdag, november 26, 2008


Heres another slice of cosmic loveliness by early eighties band Monsoon featuring Sheila Chandra on vocals. Taken from the 1983 album Third Eye wich also features the lovely track Ever So Lonely that the good guys over at Stephen Hawkings posted a while back. If you find the album version too short and can't find the 12", theres an edit on Cloud thats 10 min+ for your floaty dancefloor needs.


måndag, november 24, 2008


La Velle

måndag, november 17, 2008

Send You My Love

Fine As Wine

High On Your Love

The original for the C.O.M.B.I. Edit "I Found Morning"
Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love

söndag, november 16, 2008


Alex Cima & On-Line

Golden Boy

fredag, november 14, 2008

Ambulansen i underlandet

Ikväll spelar jag skivor i Underlandet i brogatans källare. Kom ner och kramas med disco & helgen!
23-03 Fri entre

fredag, november 07, 2008

SFF - Slow Motion

When i first heard this track on balearic mikes 2005 afternoon session for the Big Chill Bar i instantly fell in love. There wasn't any tracklist for the mix so i had no clue what it was, many hours and forums later i found out what it was. About two weeks ago i was random searching Tradera(ebay sweden) and stumbled across it and won it for parkingchange, yay!

SFF - Slow Motion(On 45)


Black Sun

Friday at last and time for some music! Todays beauty is a request and a monster of a tune, enjoy and have a smashing weekend!
Black Sun - Black Sun

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