söndag, april 26, 2009

Jennifer's Friend

I really have to find myself a better copy of this record, mine has been worn out, spilled on etc. Anyone seen the movie? The soundtrack has several tracks by Goblin. My favourite is Jennifer's Friend which Force Of Nature used for Transmute. Have a nice sunday all.

onsdag, april 22, 2009


Summer is just around the bend and soon those hormones will guide your every move. Here's two songs that'll make you feel unflappable, walking down the street checking your preferred sex (es) out. I have no idea what Tony Cicco is singing about but i bet its something dirty going on.

CICO - La Signora Mi Piace

CICO - Sempre Cara

torsdag, april 16, 2009

Swede Lost In Space

Found this little synth/italo oddity in a thrift store today . Information is scarce but it seems to be a local (Malmo, Sweden) production and if i was to believe the picture on Discogs this is limited to 500. The lucky previous owner Kicki got a signed one too. The tune grows on you, try it!

onsdag, april 08, 2009


Rolling Down A Mountainside

Feelin Love

This song should come with a warning that says "If enjoyed during springtime: may cause you to discard your clothes in public in pure erotic joy"
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